“Where there is kindness there is goodness.
And where there is goodness there is magic.” --- Cinderella


Prom. For most high school students, this very special, end of year celebration is the chance to live a fairytale. Girls dream of becoming a princess for the night, dressed in a beautiful gown, dancing the night away with their Prince Charming. Boys don tuxedos, order flowers, and make fancy dinner reservations. It’s exciting, and it’s magical. But for some it’s not realistic. Often financially struggling students find the fairytale out of reach. The cost of buying tickets, formal attire, flowers, and dinner can make attending the prom just a dream.

Honors to Prom wants to make those dreams come true. A non-profit organization, Honors to Prom’s mission is to celebrate high school students’ academic achievements by giving deserving students the night of their dreams. Honors to Prom will provide tickets, dresses, shoes, tuxedos, transportation, and dinner at a top restaurant for students who are struggling financially and wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend their high school prom.

Partnering with the National Honor Society (NHS) organization, especially with chapters at schools where many students struggle financially, Honors to Prom hopes to stress to students the importance of academic achievement and excellence throughout their high school years. At the outset, Honors to Prom will be more inclusive, benefiting all possible prom attendees at a school. Gradually, however, the focus will shift to rewarding only NHS members and those equally deserving students who are unable to fulfill the non-academic requirements for NHS membership.

Currently, with the sole financial support of its founder and under the direction of the district’s Superintendent, Dr. Nancy J. Hines, an incubator program is being introduced and tested with the Penn Hills School District, in a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for its 2017 Senior Prom. Honors to Prom is working to secure its certification as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, allowing it to accept donations and expand into numerous school districts where economically challenged families make up a significant portion of the student body.

If you would like further information on the “Honors To Prom” organization or are aware of a school which would benefit from such a program please click on the "Contact Us" link below. All messages with your comments or questions are sent directly to the founder.



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